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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My Me Afternoon

The builders finished off today yippppeeeee, We now have our house back :-))) Has been a very long 9 weeks. And I so deserved my me day which was spent making christmas cards. I made quite a few similar to these two - but they were all different in one way or another. I really enjoyed making them, although I still have quite a few to do.
These two were made using an inch square punch and some puffy stickers from accessorize.
Thank you for looking


Happy Days said...

Fab cards, glad you got your house back. x

bunny said...

Love the diddy snowmen..:):)

Addams said...

Lovely cards, so simple, yet look great

Yvette said...

You must feel lost without all those burly men around the house lol
Glad to hear it's all done though and that you have had time to get some more cards done, they are lovely Jan

PepPop said...

Very cute cards. Love the snowmen.

Congratulations on getting your house back - we've missed you and I'm sure your house will be stunning. Jaqui x

Angie said...

Lovely cards Jan - love the square cut out. So glad to hear the builders have finished now. To me it seems they have been quite quick but I don't expect this was the same for you xx

Mad-Frog said...

Lovely cards